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Don't suffer from 'Ugly Parents' Syndrome

All too often we hear of unruly behaviour at junior and senior sporting events. Incidents are often considered of "public interest" and are therefore loved by the media and many receiving extensive coverage.

Ugly ParentsUnfortunately, in today's more competitive society, the"UGLY PARENT SYNDROME (USP)"seems to be common place in most junior sports. So much so that extensive research has been carried out in Australia,UK and USA in an attempt to find a reason for the growth in UPS.

A British study suggests that parental aggression is genetic which accounts for a child's response on the field to a parents 'off-field' behaviour. In a lot of cases, through their children, parents are attempting to fulfil what they lacked in sports achievements in their early life. Others, simply only care for "just me and my kid" rather than the sport itself.

It is a sorry state of affairs when it is even more necessary to educate parents on their code of conduct, before we educate the player. In our own club, on occasion (that's one occasion too often) we hear of parents abusing the junior umpires, opposing players or coaching staff, or 'parent-on-parent' verbal confrontations.

If only these parents stopped to think how stupid they look and, the damaging effect they are having on children on the field. This is apart from the embarrassment caused to their own child, the club and other parents of their team.

To quote BerndStange(ex; Perth Glory Coach) "Parents are an important part of their child's development but they are not sports specialists. There exists a number of parents who are fanatics and should simply stay away"

Please be aware:

"UGLY PARENTS" who are not willing to abide by our Club by-laws, are not welcome inĀ Belmont Junior Football Club and will be banned from grounds without hesitation.

Should this action fail then we would be forced to expel the player/family from the club without refund of fees paid.